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Ms. Lidia MÁRTON
Director for International Relations
Director of Press Office
Ms. Zsuzsanna KÁLOMISTA
Director for Archives and Program Acquisition
Director for Sales House
Tel: +36 1 7595085
Tel.: +36 759 5258
Tel: +36 1 7595010
Tel: +36 1 4419876

2011 brought great changes for the public service media companies. All the assets and most of the staff of the three public service media organizations (MTV, Duna TV, MR) and of the National News Agency (MTI), were transferred to the Media Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) as of 1st January 2011.

The integration of the public service media providers creates an exciting, interesting and valuable cooperation, with all the participants joining forces. Whereas MTV, Duna TV and MR are in charge of the editorial lines of their channels, MTVA supports the fulfilment of their tasks from its own budget, as well as takes care of the production, commissioning, and/or purchase of their programs.

One advantage resulting from the close cooperation of the four public service media companies is that four television channels, eight radio channels, a complete news agency and their entire online surfaces are available to the Hungarian public service media to focus the attention of the viewers to a certain event, which is important for the Hungarian nation, the European Union or for the entire world.

MTI, the National News Agency produces the public service news bulletins for the four public service TV channels, namely m1, m2, Duna and Duna Autonómia as well as for the 8 radio channels, including MR1 Kossuth, MR2 Petőfi and MR3 Bartók.


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